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Download the SAS Tutorial in a single PDF file from the SAS Tutorial page. The online tutorial will be eliminated in August 2017.

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Here's a list of some of the functions available for use in SAS. For a complete list of functions which are available see the SAS online help under SAS SYSTEM HELP--SAS LANGUAGE--SAS FUNCTIONS--FUNCTION CATEGORIES or the SAS Language Reference.

Functions must appear as part of a SAS statement. Usually, this is as part of an assignment statement. Functions may be used as part of a logical test, e.g., in an if-then statement. Examples:

function(x); /* not valid */
if function(x)>5 then ...;

Beta Distribution Function
Beta Distribution Quantiles
Binomial Distribution Function
Chi-Square Distribution Function
Chi-Square Quantiles
Dif Operator
F Distribution Function
F Distribution Quantiles
Gamma Distribution Function
Gamma Distribution Quantiles
Hypergeometric Distribution Function
Lag Operator
Mean Function
N Function
Nmiss Function
Normal Distribution Function
Normal Distribution Quantiles
Poisson Distribution Function
Random Binomial Deviate
Random Cauchy Deviate
Random Normal Deviate
Random Poisson Deviate
Random Uniform Deviate
Std Function
Sum Function
T Distribution Function
T Distribution Quantiles

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