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Download the SAS Tutorial in a single PDF file from the SAS Tutorial page. The online tutorial will be eliminated in August 2017.

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Here's a list and brief description of the available projects. Everyone should do the first 4 projects.

Project 1 An introduction to the SAS operating environment.

Project 2 The basic SAS data step with input of data directly through the cards statement; use of labels, the sort procedure and print procedure; the means procedure.

Project 3 Reading data from ASCII files; computing new variables in the data step; the means procedure.

Project 4 Modifying existing SAS data sets using set; using loops in the data step; the ttest procedure.

Project 5 Column-wise input; analysis of categorical data using chi-square tests.

Project 6 Updating existing SAS data sets with new data.

Project 7 Basics of presentation quality graphics with proc gplot and proc g3d.

Project 8 Basic one factor analysis of variance using proc GLM.

Project 9 Advanced analysis of variance, custom hypothesis tests, and other features of proc GLM.

Project 10 Multivariate analysis of variance using proc GLM.

Project 11 Basic Box-Jenkins modeling of univariate time series analysis using proc arima (time domain).

Project 12 Some aspects of frequency domain analysis of time series using proc spectra.

Project 13 Discriminant analysis with proc discrim.

Project 14 Reading data from dBase and DIF files; using dBase and DIF files instead of actual SAS datasets.

Project 15 Using arrays, first and last, and processing dates. Repeated measures analysis.

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